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As the holiday season approaches, it’s easy to go with top retailers and name brands to find that perfect gift. However, contributing to local and small businesses can help stimulate and impact the economy and your community. Here are five ways to support a local business this holiday season:

Seek Out Local Businesses First

When shopping for that perfect gift, seek out a local business first. Not all small companies carry certain things you may be looking for, like toys or electronics from top retailers. Still, if you are looking for a memorable or customized gift, you can probably find it with a local business. Don’t have time to search for a company? No worries. Search engines can help you find retailers in your area for exactly what you need.


Share the Love of Your Favorite Local Businesses

We all have that favorite show or product that we adore, but sometimes just leaving a good review on the shop’s site is not enough. Word travels fast on social media platforms, so when you share your love for your favorite restaurant, boutique, or bookstore, You market for the business of what they offer and potentially drive traffic to the company for the intrigued and curious.


Shop at Local Holiday Events

During the holidays, most cities have holiday events that host a variety of local vendors. Your favorite shop may be in attendance, but while shopping, you may come across some new businesses that you didn’t know existed. Some small businesses can’t hire social media managers, so these local events are a way to put their business out there. If holiday events aren’t your thing, you can also find events surrounding great causes linked up with a local business. It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone.


Shop on Platforms that Cater to Small Businesses

Etsy is one of the top shopping platforms that connects small businesses to customers. You can find handmade, customized, and designed to your liking. When shopping on platforms that connect you with small businesses, you don’t have to seek out the company; you can simply look for the item. Many companies may populate for what you are seeking, but you can filter options to narrow down specifics.